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Advanced Autotechnik – Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Tyres – Where rubber meets the road. We care about your safety

The legal minimum tyre tread depth across Europe for passenger car tyres has been set at 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre since the early 1990’s.

Even a two-minute run to the shops could result in a £60 fine (per illegal tyre), 3 points (per illegal tyre) on your licence and invalidate your insurance.

The results during government tests illustrate that, significant increases in stopping distance begin to manifest themselves at tread depths below approximately 3mm.

The effects of tyre pressure reductions of 10% and 20% on the stopping distance makes interesting reading… The results demonstrate that the stopping distance increased by between 5% and 11%.

A infographic showing the difference in braking distance of two tyre types

A infographic showing a method to tell if your tyre pressure is correct

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Wheel Alignment

Here at AAT we want to ensure that all your wheels are pointing in the right direction, in relation to each other and your direction of travel.

A Hunter wheel alignment service measures up to 14 primary wheel angles and compares them with the original specifications for your car, whatever the make or model.

It can then correct them by adjusting your car’s steering and suspension settings, which helps to maximise your fuel efficiency, reduce any uneven tyre wear and improve your driving comfort and safety.

Have you ever noticed your tyres wearing more on one side than the other? Perhaps your car feels as if it pulls to one side?

These are all possible symptoms of misalignment, which can occur easily from things like hitting a kerb or driving over a hole in the road.

By having your car properly aligned, you’ll benefit from improved tyre life, better fuel consumption, greener motoring and better handling.

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