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Why is my car air conditioning blowing out hot air?

A woman turning on her Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car on a hot day, only to realise that your air conditioning is blowing out hot air instead of cold. As your car acts like a greenhouse when left in direct sunlight, it can come as quite a shock when your car air conditioning doesn’t work unexpectedly. The truth is the air conditioning system in your car has little ways of telling you when it needs recharging or a service. Even before the air starts blowing out warm.

Common signs your air conditioning needs a service

There are many signs your system will show before it reaches the stage where warm air comes out. When your car air conditioning reaches this stage, it is likely that repairs may be needed, or you are overdue a service.

It takes longer to blow out cold air than usual

In the event that your car air conditioning takes a bit longer than normal to blow out cold air, it could be telling you something. Every year a little bit of refrigerant gas leaks out of the system. Around 10% to be exact. As the gas decreases in the system, it may take longer to cool down. Without having a service or re-gas, over time the gas can completely disappear from the system or reach low levels. When the level is low, the system can no longer produce cold air. After a significant amount of time, this can mean when you turn on the air con, it no longer produces cold air but just moves air around the car instead.

There’s an unpleasant smell

It’s quite common for your system to get clogged with dust and dirt in the air. Your car air conditioning works by bringing air into the car and then turning it into cold air. As there are particles both inside and outside your car, it’s expected that dust and dirt are pulled through the system. However, without maintenance and care, this dust and dirt can be turned into bacteria and block the system. If this builds up over time, it can prevent the cold air coming through and eventually will damage and break the system. To prevent this, getting a service every two years can be helpful. During a service, your local garage will provide an anti-bacterial solution to sanitise the air con system and remove the dirt particles.

There’s a leak in your system

Again, without regular inspection, there could be damage caused to your system. This may be due to a lack of refrigerant gas. But it could also be down to dust and dirt corroding the system or outside stones affecting the system. Whatever the reason, your car air conditioning is showing you that you need repairs. When hot air comes out your system, there’s something no longer working. It is likely that it is just the refrigerant gas. However, other components could be at fault. This can mean you need someone to fix the system.

If you have hot air blowing into your car instead of the cool, dry air you expect from your car air conditioning system, it may be worthwhile getting someone to check it out. Alternatively, you can book an air con re-gas or service at any time using our online booking tool!