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Air Conditioning Services for All Makes and Models

Being one of the largest independent garages in Slough, we have the capabilities to offer a number of services including air conditioning re-gassing, repairs, and cleaning. It’s important to maintain your air conditioning system as refrigerant gas leaves the system over time. Neglecting to get your car air conditioning serviced can mean that it stops working altogether. Therefore, it’s vital to get your system checked regularly.

Car Air Conditioning Problems

We see a lot of customers who have ignored the signs of air conditioning problems and they end up costing themselves thousands. Our technicians are skilled and can maintain your system so that it gives you years of hassle free driving.

Usually, the typical signs that show there is something wrong with the system is a bad odour or loss of power. If the system not running as efficiently it is also a common indicator of problems with the car air conditioning system. It could simply be a build of bacteria and all you need is a deep clean. A more serious problem could be a leak within the system, which could involve replacing it. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem for you and let you know what repairs are required for your air conditioning system.

Trained Specialists

Our technicians are qualified and trained specialists so they know what they’re doing when it comes to your air conditioning. If there’s a problem, then they can diagnose it and let you know what the best solution is. They’ll talk you through the work, give you a cost and let you decide if you want us to begin the work. We won’t begin the work until you give us the go ahead.

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Air Conditioning Services in Slough

We offer a number of car air conditioning services including re-gassing, cleaning, and repairs.

A re-gas takes around an hour to do. It will involve our technicians removing the old gas, cleaning the system and replacing it with new, more powerful gas. This service will get your system back to the best it can be, you’ll think it’s brand new! It will be powerful, efficient and work without problems.

A deep clean helps to remove harmful bacteria from the system and gets rid of any bad smells coming from the vents. Bacteria can quickly build up and use of the system means that you’re quickly spreading it around the car. We use top quality cleaning products, safe for use within the system.

If we discover a crack in the pipes or a leak, then we’ll need to carry out a repair. Depending on the damage we can weld and repair your current system or if needed we can replace it. Our technicians will assess the problem and let you know the best course of action.

Online Appointments

If you’re looking to book an air conditioning appointment with one of our team you can do so quickly and easily online. We have a handy online booking system, which you can use to check our availability and even get a quote for the work. Simply input your car details, select an appointment and we’ll get you booked in.

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